CLASSic Snacks

It’s 11:45 am.

You’re in class (obvs, where else would you be?).

The shiur is so interesting. You’re just completely intrigued by the words of the great sages of the past. They’re all so fascinating, really. In fact, you start to wonder if you’re flipping out…

Too far? Probably.

Well anyways, everything’s going great until you realize one minor problem: You’re SO hungry.

It’s not that you’re bored or anything (pshh, never!) but you could really use something to eat.

You finish your water bottle, hoping that it will alleviate your hunger somewhat, but that only plays up your appetite. You pray that no one will hear your stomach grumbling. You need food. Like now. Breakfast was well over three hours ago and there’s still and hour and fifteen minutes until lunch. How… lovely. Patience is a virtue, isn’t it?


Let’s pretend you were super organized (which you will be after reading this, of course 🙂 ) and you packed some snacks in your bag! Yay you!

But what should you have packed? What are foods that are 1.nutritious, 2.quiet enough to consume during class, and 3.quick to grab in the morning when you’re rushing (which, let’s just assume, is always)?

Here are some easy, healthy snacks that I like to eat during class:

A. Assorted Nuts

Whether you prefer cashews, almonds or walnuts, all nuts are great for on the go, making them the perfect in-class snack. Nuts provide many nutritional benefits including healthy, monounsaturated fats as well as protein and fiber which are bound to hold you over until lunch.

You can buy nuts in bulk at the shuk, which is probably the cheapest option, however they are available in pracially every supermarket and makolet around Israel as well.

Just note that when you buy packaged nuts, check the ingredient lists to be sure that there’s no added sugar or artificial colors/flavorings.

B. Apples & Nut Butter

I LOVE apples! No matter how many I buy, I can’t seem to ever have enough. Apples are pasked with many nutrients, including fiber, and always manage to satisfy my sweet tooth.

To make sure you don’t “crunch” too loudly in class, cut your apples into thin slices. Dip them into peanut or almond butter (which you can bring along in a small container) for extra protein.

C. Vegetables and Hummus

Being in Israel, do I really need to tell you that hummus should be a staple in your diet? Whether you prefer it flavored with olive oil, zaatar or just by itself, hummus is packed with many essential nutrients including protein and iron, thus making it both a healthy and tasty dip.

Cut up a cucumber, carrot, or pepper, and top with some hummus for the prefect snack.
D. Date and Nut Bars

One of my biggest struggles in coming to Israel for the year is trying to get over my KIND bar separation anxiety.

For some reason, it took me quite awhile to find a marginal replacement for the nutty, chewy, yogurt-y heaven I had the luxury of experiencing on a practically daily basis at home.

Thankfully, my mom recently sent a plethora of KIND bars with a family friend visiting from America, but until then, my go-to bars were the Free brand date and nut bars which can be found very easily around here. Made with all natural ingredients, these bars are both tasty and filling. They’re great to just throw in your backpack in the midst of the morning rush to class, plus they’re only ninety-eight calories!

E. PB&J Cracker Sandwiches 

Who would say no to a healthy, low carb, PB&J sandwich?

Ironically, this childhood staple grows on me more and more the older I get.

To experience this goodness, purchase some whole wheat crackers or brown rice cakes without any added sugar or artificial ingredients (you know, the usual:) ). Spread some natural peanut butter on one half, jam on the other, and press together. Make two or three mini sandwiches, place in a plastic bag or container and throw into your backpack for later. Done!

Hope these suggestions helped!

Now you can be healthy and CLASSy in the coming week with these easy snacks that are as delicious as they are nutritious 🙂

שבת שלום

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