When Yellow Lines Are Meant to Be Crossed

Because waiting for my train became an end-of-semester introspection.


Prepping Yourself for Meal Prepping

Why you'll need to embrace the world of cooking-in-advance and containers.

Sweetly Bitter

No, not in terms of chocolate. Although, now that we're on that topic, I have been eating way too much of that lately due to my post sem sadness :(. It's an emotional type of bittersweet. It's smiling when reminiscing on the year to feel tears streaming down your cheeks moments later. It's being happy to be … Continue reading Sweetly Bitter

Why A Pre-Pesach”Detox” Is Unnecessary

In a way, it seems like much of the  year leads up to this very  moment - Pesach break. Pesach time, especially if you go home, is a time to begin to solidify who you are and what you want to take out of your year. It's a time to start deciding what qualities you want to take on, … Continue reading Why A Pre-Pesach”Detox” Is Unnecessary

A Semi-Healthy out-of-Sem Week

Remember when I said my blog is going to be about my semi healthy life? Well, since my family was in visiting last week, I think this post is the perfect time to take advantage of that 'semi' in the tagline. It is (very intentionally) put there for moments like last week. For special occasions like family reunions and birthday dinners. And for … Continue reading A Semi-Healthy out-of-Sem Week