Quick Throw-Togethers for When Cooking in Advance Didn’t Happen

Your nutrition shouldn't suffer when life gets busy.


Chocolate Chip Banana Heaven

I spent this past Shabbat at Midreshet Harova in the Old City visiting some of my best friends from home (you're welcome for the shoutout guys 🙂 ). Of course we're well beyond the point of bringing gifts every time we see each other (I sure hope so at least because that would be awkward...), but I wanted to … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Banana Heaven

My Fave Granola

Looking for a perfect addition to breakfast that will keep you satisfied until one o'clock lunch? Or what about a balanced, high protein, mid-afternoon snack to get you through your last few classes (aka that time where you drink coffee like it's you day job - even though it's 4 pm- because you wouldn't be able … Continue reading My Fave Granola