Quick Throw-Togethers for When Cooking in Advance Didn’t Happen

Your nutrition shouldn't suffer when life gets busy.


Choose Your Own Adventure Vegetable Broth

And reduce your food waste at the same time!

My Fave Granola

Looking for a perfect addition to breakfast that will keep you satisfied until one o'clock lunch? Or what about a balanced, high protein, mid-afternoon snack to get you through your last few classes (aka that time where you drink coffee like it's you day job - even though it's 4 pm- because you wouldn't be able … Continue reading My Fave Granola

Whole Wheat Challah That’s Better Than Cake

Everyone knows you didn't actually go to seminary unless you come back knowing how to bake a decent challah. It's just one of those accepted, basic truths- the same way you know the difference between appropriate and "frummy" or overused and classic. Besides for the actual mitzvah Jewish women have to bake challah, making challah is a … Continue reading Whole Wheat Challah That’s Better Than Cake