How to Create Lasting Nutrition-Related New Year’s Resolutions

In 2019, you will actually eat healthier if you follow these tips.


Prepping Yourself for Meal Prepping

Why you'll need to embrace the world of cooking-in-advance and containers.

How To Get Yourself To Drink More Water

How much water do you drink in a day? If you think you’re drinking enough water chances are you’re not as most people don’t. The recommended daily intake of water is eight eight-ounce cups minimum (that’s two liters). And, for those of you still in the hot, dry desert climate of Israel (hey shana bet friends 🙂 … Continue reading How To Get Yourself To Drink More Water

Sweetly Bitter

No, not in terms of chocolate. Although, now that we're on that topic, I have been eating way too much of that lately due to my post sem sadness :(. It's an emotional type of bittersweet. It's smiling when reminiscing on the year to feel tears streaming down your cheeks moments later. It's being happy to be … Continue reading Sweetly Bitter

Why A Pre-Pesach”Detox” Is Unnecessary

In a way, it seems like much of the  year leads up to this very  moment - Pesach break. Pesach time, especially if you go home, is a time to begin to solidify who you are and what you want to take out of your year. It's a time to start deciding what qualities you want to take on, … Continue reading Why A Pre-Pesach”Detox” Is Unnecessary


“What are you going to miss most about America?” It should have been a hard question, but the answer came too easily. “Skinny jeans and Sundays,” I said as I squeezed the last few sem skirts into my suitcase that definitely weighed over fifty pounds (in case you were wondering, it did, but after lots of … Continue reading SkinnyJeans&Sundays