Seminary Introduction

The Story of a Semi Healthy Sem Girl

A Beisic Introduction To My Not-So-Basic Blog

I’ve always been the “health freak” of my friend group.

You know, the girl who orders salad at Sunday brunch; the girl whose go-to at Starbucks (*Aroma) is unsweetened iced tea; the girl who takes an hour (literally) to go grocery shopping since reading ingredient lists and nutrition facts is obviously vital; the girl (or loser…) who spent high school physics class following the latest nutrition blogs on her iphone, and the list goes on (and on…).

Living healthfully is an important part of my lifestyle and, essentially, a key part of what makes me who I am. I’m constantly cooking healthy, vegetarian meals and my apartment has a practically permanent smell of homemade granola.

Naturally, being a “health freak” comes with it’s more than occasional call-outs. There’s always the “Hey Dena, I would offer you dessert, but I know you’re not gonna eat any, so I’ll just leave it over here” comment or the accommodating (and much appreciated!) “We’re going for pizza, but we could definitely stop so you could buy your salad” remark. And, of course, my roommate jokes that I’m a one hundred year old woman because of my current tea obsession, but it’s okay because, honestly, she’s probably not so far off.

I’ll take the comments any day.

It’s who I am and I love it.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, but I just never had the time. I think blogging will be a great way for me to combine my passion for writing with my interest in nutrition, both of which I hope to study in college next year. Plus it’s just plain fun and a great way for me to document my experiences.

Besides for the fact that giving thought into my eating habits will (hopefully!) prevent the infamous Sem 70, what better time than a year in Israel to focus on living well, eating healthy and helping others in the process? After all, seminary is supposedly all about “finding yourself,” so that should connect to finding one’s holistic self as well, right? Well I think so.

I’m calling my blog The Artsy Palate to depict the broad range, or palette, of opportunities I will have this year and beyond. While in the process of experiencing Israel, I hope to foster my love for creativity (hence the “artsy”) through writing, cooking healthfully, and creating artwork.

The title also connects to how I hope to portray clean, healthy food: as asthetically pleasing (like artwork) as well as palatable and delicious.

In The Artsy Palate, my goal is to provide you with advice on how to live healthfully while in Seminary, which sounds like a paradox, but is really much easier than you’d expect.

With the daily Breakfast rugelach, the Friday Ben Yehuda brunches and the weekly Monday night dinner meet-ups, it’s easy to see how many girls gain weight while in Israel for the year, however I want to help you beat the stereotype. I hope to post ideas of what to order at restaurants, where to buy healthy groceries, and, of course, pictures of my meals with recipes and tips to follow.

I’d love to hear your input – feel free to comment below with any comments or suggestions for future blogposts!

Here’s to being healthy! (Well, Semtimes at least…)

Can’t wait to start the journey!